• How long does a pamper party last?

This depends on how many guests you have and which treatments you select.

Our Angels will require 15 minutes either side of your allocated treatment slots to allow for them to set up and pack down. Depending on the size of the group will depend on how many Angels attend your party.

  • How many people can I invite?

There is a minimum booking of four 30 minute treatments & eight 15 minute treatments per party.

  • Do I need to provide anything for the party?

Our Angels will arrive with their own products and equipment. They will require access to hot water depending on which treatments you have chosen. If possible, we recommend that massage and facial treatments take place within a quieter environment – perhaps a bedroom or quieter part of the accommodation.

Manicures and pedicures can be done in the same room as the rest of your group. If you are receiving a pedicure treatment is it advisable to bring along some flip flops.

* Please ensure all nail varnish is removed prior to your treatment so you can benefit from your treatment on the day.

  • Pregnancy

Some of our treatments may not be suitable for ladies whom are pregnant, unless an Angel who is allocated to your booking holds a qualification in this specified field (this may not always be available). Please inform us at the time of booking if there are any members of your party whom are pregnant and we can advise on which treatment’s you can enjoy.

  • What products will be used?

All our Angels are freelance mobile therapists whom have been trained using various professional products. We do insist that professional product brands are used, although the products may vary from therapist to therapist. If you wish to know which specific products will be used in advance or if you have sensitive skin, please get in touch. We will endeavour to find out for you.

  • Parking

If you have parking available close to your property we kindly ask that you leave some space for our Angels to park and unload their equipment.

Please note if you are staying in a central location where parking is unavailable our Angels will need to arrive slightly earlier to allow extra time to unload and park their car.